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Do I sign in as "ON" or "OFF" Network?

Great question!  Most PHMC staff members sign in to PHMC U with "ON" network.  However, a select few groups use "Off" network. Basically, if you do not manually sign into Ultipro, the PHMC HRMS, and are automatically login when you click the "Ultipro" shortcut on your PHMC computer desktop, then you are "ON" network.  Individuals who fall outside this group generally fall into one of the following PHMC programs or affliliates who have opted not to use the "ON" network feature at this time: Forensic Services, The Bridge, The Villa, E3 Center.

When I click "ON" Network I am asked to login, what do I put in for username and password?

When you receive a login window after you click "ON" network, the PHMC network does not recognize you.  Therefore, to get back "ON" the network you simply need to enter the same username and password you enter everyday when you login to your computer.

I use "ON" Network access but want to access PHMC U "Off" the Network, what do I do?

Basically, if you have "ON" network access for PHMC U and will be accessing PHMC U "Off" the PHMC network, for example, from home, you have two options.  1.  You can login to the PHMC VPN before accessing PHMC U.  2.  You can request temporary "OFF" network access from who will give you a username and password that you can use to access PHMC U utnil the following Thursday.  


Please note: You cannot have "ON" and "OFF" Network access at the same time.  If you do not have the access you needed, the best way to get that access to send a request to

Do I have to use Google Chrome?

Yes!  Google Chrome is a PHMC U requirement.  Not using Google Chrome will result in progression issues when accessing courses and will likely cause you to not recieve credit for courses that you have completed.  If you do not have Google Chrome on your computer, please contact for assistance.

I do not have access to PHMC U, what do I do?

All new employees are added to PHMC U on the Thursday following their live HR orientation at 1500 Market Street.  Once access has been granted, the employee will receive an email from with their access information and instructions on next steps.


All non-City, full-time permanent PHMC employees have access to PHMC U as long as they have a PHMC Human Resource Management System, Ultipro, account.


If you believe you should have access to PHMC U based on the above critera but do not, please contact for assistance. 


How does badging work in PHMC Academy?

Badging gives staff an opportunity to have distinction in their journey of leadership development. Individuals will be eligible for a badge for each letter of CORE (i.e. “C” badge, “O” badge, etc.) as well as a complete “CORE” badge indicating achievement in all four letters by completing two hours of training in each letter. Staff will be encouraged to include the associated emblem on their auto-signature to help develop an internal culture of pride and healthy competition. 


Badges will be awarded at the end of each month via email with detailed instructions on how badges can be used across the organization.

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